Author: Penny Lyndon

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Here at the library at Kelmscott House we’re picking up speed again with the cataloguing project after last year’s building work.The William Morris Society library has about 3,000 books, articles and other material all about the life and influences of Morris on his contemporaries and in the years since his death.The collection contains editions of Morris’s own works – poetry, literature, lectures, political writings, translations of Icelandic sagas and his letters – and material on all other…

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Bookcase craftsman returns to library

Last month, (on June 21st), we were delighted to welcome Geoff Coleman back to Kelmscott House. Geoff made the library bookcase dedicated to Eric Heffer, MP*, installed in 1994, and this was the first time he had been back to look at it.Shortly after the death of Eric Heffer in 1991, Geoff was contacted by the Society’s librarian, David Rainger, with the idea of making a memorial bookcase. This had been designed by Society member John Kay and was to be made of English oak. Geoff, a retired…

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