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Conservatory at Emery Walker's house, Arts and Crafts HammersmithAt the end of the nineteenth century, in an unfashionable area of West London, two remarkable men made their homes.

One was the country’s most famous designer, poet and radical thinker. The other, less well known, was also a key member and huge influence on the Arts & Crafts Movement.

Their names were William Morris and Emery Walker. Their work changed the way we think about art and design.

Fast forward over 100 years and Arts & Crafts Hammersmith – a partnership between The William Morris Society and The Emery Walker Trust has been set up to uncover their stories and influences.

We’ve  managed much needed renovation work on their former homes at Kelmscott House and Hammersmith Terrace, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

All of the contents of Emery Walker’s House had to be cleared, cleaned and recorded, and we have now, with the help of a terrific team of volunteers, put them all back ready to reveal them once more to the public.

We’ve also spruced up and created storage space at Kelmscott House for an important collection of original Morris designs and publications.

Over 6,000 items have been catalogued and many will be available to view online. We’ll be adding new insights and discoveries while the project progresses, so do come back and visit this website and our blog, or better still, the homes themselves.

To see the opening hours of both museums, please visit their individual websites, listed here:
Emery Walker Trust
William Morris Society

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