A portrait of Emery Walker in red and grey chalks, heightened with white, inscribed 'Valmondois 1920 Emery Walker' with the monogram of interlinked letters CGD. The inscription may have been added by Dorothy Walker. The artist was Charles Geoffroy-Dechaume (1877–1944), who drew a similarly framed portrait of Dorothy Walker in 1921. A native of France, Geoffroy-Dechaume lived in England for a few years before returning to France in 1914 as volunteer in the French army. He was badly injured in the war, in which he lost a leg. Geoffroy-Dechaume later become a British war artist. After the war he lived at Valmondois, Seine et Oise, France, where the Walkers, whom he had met in England, sometimes stayed.

Record ID:00185
Dimensions:width — 24.5cm.
height — 30.4cm.
width — 41.8cm.
height — 49.5cm.
Artist:Geoffroy-Dechaume, Charles